Crazy Without BJJ

By: Leslie Gardineer (Staff Writer)

After attending an all female open mat recently, I realized that a lot of women experience some of the same issues I do when it comes to balancing training, work, kids, house, husbands/boyfriends, etc…

Fitting in Jiu Jitsu and managing some or all of these other important things can be really stressful and can really affect your training. I’ve written a blog in the past about peaks and valleys. This can really put you in a “valley”. 

I’ve been told, “leave your stress and problems off the mats, and make the gym your happy place”. But, as much as I try, that doesn’t always work. Here are a couple of good answers that were given at the open mat that may work for some of you.

1. Remember that taking this “me” time makes you feel more relaxed, which in turn, makes a better mom, employee, wife/girlfriend, student, and WOMAN!

2. Keep training. The nights you go in feeling your worst sometimes end up being your BEST nights of training. 

3. You teach your kids by example. You have committed to training BJJ, and you are showing that you’re staying dedicated and following through with your commitment. 

4. Take a week off (no longer though). Sometimes taking a break makes your mind clear, heals your sore muscles/minor injuries, or it lets your family see you are INSANE when you don’t have BJJ in your life, and they may insist you go back. 

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