Justin Ledet Pre-Fight Interview

Will Ledet remain undefeated?
Will Ledet remain undefeated?

Unbeaten heavyweight prospect, Justin Ledet, will be making his UFC debut this Saturday on the undercard of Caceres vs. Rodriguez. The Legacy FC veteran gave me a few minutes of his time before he steps in the octagon.

Justin Ledet started in the sport of MMA after playing college basketball for two years.

“After stopping basketball, I had a void I needed to fill.” Ledet said. “My cousin dragged me into a school. I decided to do it to lose some weight. Three months later, I had my first fight. I was hooked after my first fight.”

Most fighters would be jumping up and down after receiving a call from the UFC. Ledet had a different reaction.

“I really didn’t have a huge reaction when I received the call.” Ledet said. “I’m just happy to fight. It’s another paycheck so I can pay off my bills. However, I’m looking forward to showcasing my skills.”

The 6’4” heavyweight has never gone to the judges’ scorecards. His striking and well rounded game has allowed him to dominate his opponents.

“I don’t really know how this fight will end.” Ledet said. “We are going to have to fight to figure that out! It will be an exciting fight regardless, but hopefully there will be a finish. It’ll be a good fight for the fans, and I hope we get a bonus!”

The UFC has signed a good amount of heavyweights recently: Christian Colombo, Bilyal Makhov and Dmitry Sosnovskiy. Ledet knows that even with an impressive win over Sherman, he will still have to win a few bouts before becoming a contender for the belt.

“A good amount of heavyweights have been signed, so I’ll have to get a couple of wins.” Ledet said. “It’s hard to get winning streaks in this division. Derrick Lewis is doing well, as he has put together an impressive streak. I have a long way to go.”

This is a huge fight for Justin Ledet. Instead of worrying about training for his opponents, he focuses on himself.

“I haven’t really trained for Sherman.” Ledet said. “I really just focus on improving every aspect of my game, like my boxing, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing. I don’t prepare specifically for who I’m fighting. I make sure I’m ready for anything.”

The Texas native is dangerous because he can finish the fight wherever it goes. He has finished four of his fights by submission, and two by knockout.

“When fans watch me fight, they will see high level boxing/striking.” Ledet said. “There are very few high level boxers in the sport, and that’s what I want to bring. I feel like boxing is overlooked, and I want to show that boxing is one of the most important parts in MMA.”

You can watch Justin Ledet take on Chase Sherman this Saturday on UFC Fight Pass.

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